Troubleshooting Citrix XenApp

PacktPub approached me in the spring of 2015 to write a Citrix book for them which I was delighted to accept, having worked with PacktPub before as a technical reviewer for a number of books. We decided to tackle the troubleshooting aspect of Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop administration and the book is the result of several months of work together with Suraj who is a Citrix Consultant and specializes in virtualization & enterprise mobility.

We’ve written this book to be useful for Citrix administrators at all levels. People who have just started working with Citrix will find useful information on how to identify, break down and then resolve problems. The first chapters start off with the basic troubleshooting methodology and guidelines while later chapters focus on more specific cases. Experienced Citrix administrators will find real-world cases that the authors have encountered with the book providing solutions, troubleshooting steps and further reading materials. All in all, I believe everyone reading this book would learn a bit more Citrix troubleshooting.

The book is available for download at the following websites: