Who am I?

I’m Dragos Madarasan, a solutions architect, speaker and author working in the cloud computing field. I work for Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that offers IT infrastructure services to millions of customers.


My first ‘job’ was for the Faculty of Architecture in Cluj-Napoca where I worked as a system administrator. I worked for several years at Endava, a managed services provider company based in London, UK, where I dealt with level 3 technical support. I have a technical background and started my professional career as a network administrator, switched to Windows and virtualization in 2009 and then to cloud computing in late 2015.

I work as a Solutions Architect at AWS, helping customers and partners migrate to, and use cloud services. It’s quite an interesting role, it has given me the opportunity to meet clients from various industries, understand their business goals and concerns about migrating to the cloud. Several times a year I speak at local meetup groups, partner or AWS events. I enjoy sharing my experience and anecdotes with the community and am a big believer that public speaking is a unique form of communication.

Why this blog?

Early on, I noticed the best way to memorize information is to write it down. I started writing about interesting troubleshooting scenarios I encountered and various scripts or commands that made my life easier. I have used many blogging platforms since then, including Kentico and WordPress, but now i prefer using static websites since they are simple to spin up and cost next to nothing to run.


As an employee of AWS, I own a small number of restricted stock units in Amazon. My opinions are my own and Amazon does not pre-approve any articles I post.